Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bags on Bags on Bags

I would say it's safe to say you can store away your dark slouchy winter bags. Spring is in the air (especially here in Greenville--The Pink Monogram's home) FINALLY!!! Put away all those bulky winter clothes too, PUT IT ALL AWAY!!!! Break out your brights and join this seasons colorblocking trend! Speaking of which have any of y'all seen the current issue of Oprah Magazine? My vote goes to them for best displaying this seasons trend of colorblocking! And what goes best with this trend?! You've got it!! Our new Bosum Buddy Bags!! You choose your ribbon color that will of course best match your preppy patches in your wardrobe! And best of luck choosing your pendant, there are so many great ones!! Very hard for the indecisive customer, like myself who just wants it ALL!!!! But who says you can only have one? My favorite is the Baby Bali Bow with simple Motif!! I could see this one walking itself through the streets of Nantucket or Rainbow Road in Charleston!! It is a great show stopper and conversation starter!! This is a gift of many occasions. Perfect for a bride-to-be (choose her wedding colors), great transition into the honeymoon, or even to your closest 16 year old to sophisticate her closet on her special day! If you are a prep monster, like myself, you will be able to pair this with every madras, seersucker, eyelet, pearl, heel, headband, blazer in your closet!! Shop for your customized bag at The Pink Monogram today!!!

I would pair it with my favorite outfit of the season, of course from Lilly Pulitzer!! Her new Millie Jacket which comes in so many great colors!!

***Bosum Buddy Bags are made from Ata grass which comes from slow smoking over a honey and coconut husk fire. The resultant aroma is your assurance of authenticity.  If you wish to minimize the smoky scent, a product like Febreze and a few days in the open air will help to dissipate the scent.