Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Learning curve!

The Pink Monogram High Heel Clog
  I thought I might start by trying to add some shots of items that we have on the site that are new.  I will start off slow with the blog and as I learn more I will add. Trust me- I am watching all of you out there to be my teachers! Soon I will have it! Hate to be the one that is not up on all the Tech stuff!
   Here are some shots of our newest Monogrammed Clogs.
Mocha Nubuck with Turquoise Dots 
Black Leather with Zebra Heels      
All of the Monogrammed Clogs are custom made shoes.  Each one is done to order @The Pink Monogram.
We are very proud of the quality of the Clogs we deliver to our customers.  I have heard from many of you that you have worn your shoes daily for years and they still look good as new!   I would love to hear some of your comments about the shoes!  Thanks for reading my first real try at The Pink Monogram Blog!  I am a visual person so you will see more photos and less text from me in the coming weeks!

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Allison said...

Love the blog and I love my new monogrammed clogs!!!