Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shopping at Phipps Plaza at the New Lily Pulitzer Store!

   So on Saturday outside Atlanta I watched a total of 6 games my daughter played in an all day Lacrosse Game - she is the goalie!  What a day ( but I got the tan line of the year!)- Sunday am we got up and did it all over again-As the day wore on I had to decided to treat us all to the opening of the new Lilly Store at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta GA.  
   My daughter and one of her best friends were so excited to finally get to Phipps!  They wanted to know why the Mall had a Valet parking lot! 
   Pink cupcakes and pink lemonade were being served! Wilson,my daughter managed to purchase enough for the free Tote Bag and Scarf.- If you went you would know the min. we had to reach!  
   A cute girl who went to Ga Tech waited on us!  I was very impressed with the displays in the store and the great customer service. I did fell a little guilty shopping in the Atlanta store since we have a local Lilly Store-(Pink Bee)- sorry Joanna! But it was an experience and my daughter and I had a great time.  BTW- we slipped in Tiffany's and tried on the blue bracelet with all the charms- hint hint for birthday next year!
   What did we buy??
                                                I bought this - in ever color! Baseball mom - outside on the Lacrosse field.
                                            No strap marks. I had this last year in the Lime green and my friends 
                                              had warned me if they saw it on me again it would go in the trash!  I  now have 5 more!!
                                                     We bought these!!
                                                             I had to get it in pink also!!!
                                                I love this new patch pattern! Got the skort!
                                                           Bought enough for the above bag!
                                                           and the free scarf also!
                                           Fun day at News Lilly Pulitzer store at Phipps Plaza

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