Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monogrammed Bedding from The Pink Monogram

Mirasol Monogrammed Bedding

Monogrammed Bedding has always been a weakness for me.  The Pink Monogram now carries the full line of Matouk Bedding along with Jane Wilner Designs.
Yous can design your own creation using several fonts and trims. Yes, I have the monogrammed bedding in most rooms of my house.Our store front located in Greenville SC displays all of these lines so you can see ad feel the bedding. We have no added these options on our website  for you to explore at your leisure.
Butterfield Monogrammed Bedding
La Scallop Monogrammed Bedding

                                                Monogrammed Bedding from The Pink Monogram

  Many of your has asked the difference in the Swiss Embroidery
                                                              and the Applique Designs
  Swiss embroidery is a satin stitch done on an embroidery done with threads to create a designs or pattern.
The applique is done with a fabric tape and then trimmed around the edging of the tape with embroidery thread.  This is the look of the larger and wider monogram that Matouk is famous for. We love this look combined with the tape trims on the custom bedding. We also have the shower curtains and the robes and towels done to match any decor in the bed or bath.
                                                             Monogrammed Shower Curtains
The shower curtains are harder to take a picture of but we have tried on the wall in our store front. Have fun designing your bedding or shower curtain. We are constantly adding and updating our site to include new designs and patterns.  The Pink Monogram will also custom design and embroidery your items either sent to us or brought into our store.  Stop by and visit or check us our on line! The Pink Monogram
                                                   Custom Monogrammed Robes from Matouk

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